Flash chat is the ultimate weapon for you to beat out all the competitors! And even more – go beyond the needs to provide outstanding service to be the first on the market! Test to those how need your help or your helpful guidance or just find yourself some new friends – the choice is all yours!

Here is some “beat them all” feature of our app:

Secret Chat – talk on the new level of security, and be sure no one will know about it. That also include self-destruct of the chat within several days

Sharing without limits – share all kind s of the continent to anyone and anywhere you want. Share images ,videos and even you location with your friends.

Voice Messenger – In case of your feelings are just not that to express in the text, just use your voice to be sure, the message gets in the form you want

Group Chat – collect everybody you want to talk with, and just talk!

About Flashchat Software

No coding needed to start this puppy up! Ux experience is not in need over here! Our plug & play features are simple for using and understanding. Just set the needed content and tailor that to the type of the business you are on to.

Monitor your users activity to be on the edge of the people’s needs! Analysis activity and clicks right inside your dashboard.

Joining is never been so easy – just use your Facebook credentials to create account and your all set to start!

Flash Chat is your way to:

  1. Segment campaigns to get best results
  2. Automate replays not to miss single customer
  3. Dashboard Analisis to be sure you done your job right
  4. Cart recovery toolkit
  5. Web chat plugin to be in touch with the customers 24/7
  6. Cart messenger to ask questions right when they appear

FlashChat is omni-professional solution that can help you to work out your business to grow it up!