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Flashchat is the most simple way for you to convert your store visitors, as well as your Facebook page onto the ultimate audience magnet for the paying customers!

Flashchat is the only application on the market that can convert both your store clicks as well as Social Media audience in to long distance customers – just in several clicks!

On the other hand you get not just the messenger or abandoned cart recovery tool, but the powerful instrument to increase your awareness as well as sales. Syncing your Facebook page\store with the messenger, provides you with dozens of opportunities not to miss your customers on many levels of the sale procedure. All in all you can very well get, your automated store, with the non stopping sales 24\7!

On the top of that you get all necessary instruments for the data leverage, and features for automated message conversions, which all collected to your account for the easy accsess any time you’ll need them.  

The key features of the application start the following:

  • Smart Reminder for the Cart Abandoned unites to increase sales power
  • Messenger list, including plugins like “Add to Cart” and “Messenger Pop-up”
  • Welcome message and auto replays in your Facebook store, fully customizable to your liking
  • 1-2-1 campaigns to re engage your Messenger list
  • “Offer of the Day” Campaign to skyrocket your sales
  • Mass Messenger Campaign to reactivate your former users
  • “Hot words” feature in the auto replies folder to say just the right words to your
  • Facebook Store customers, as well as convert your FAQ messages into selling units

The main working principle of the Flachchat can be described in just a few points

  • Install the App
  • Inside of your Product page list you will see the “send to Messager” opinion as well as “Add to the Cart” button
  • As soon s your visitors will add products to the Card page, they automatically opt the Remainder of Abandoned Cart, right from your Facebook Store.
  • Set up your checkbox plugin to to make it more responsible to your business features
  • Activate Facebook store features  and start converting!
  • Schedule Targeted Messenger Campaigns to reconnect with your entire audience

What About GDPR?

Flashchat is a fully GDPR compliant App.

Customer Support:

At Flashchat, your success and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our dedicated team of customer support heroes, developers and conversion specialists are available 24/7, to make sure you will be fully satisfied with Flashchat’s performance.

We aim to reply to all emails, messages and customer support tickets within 24 hours.

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