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The GDPR(general data protection regulation) is a new type EU launched, replacing the old 1995 DPD(data protection directive), for increasing personal data protection of the citizens all over the European Union. It will come in force on 25th May 2018. You can read the full text of the GDPR following the link below

Is GDPR will apply for me?

While the current EU legislation is still strong and governs by EU, the GDPR covers far wider area and will apply to: a) market their products to people in the EU or who b) monitor the behavior of people in the EU. In other words if you business based outside of Europe but you still handle the information within it GPDR will apply you as well.

In which way Flashchat is prepared for GDPR?

Flashchat is fully aware of the GDPR directive and we fully apply all of the requirements as well as restrictions shown up in it. That means Flashchat will launch any necessary action needed to handle those cases, where sensitive user data needs to be protected. To perform that we are creating a list of necessary actions to be done to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Updating existing Data Processing Agreements

Strong data protection is the key feature to be successful so our User Agreement and Privacy policy meets all the necessary requirements for that.

New ways of vendor communication

Vendor reviewing, and arranging their GDPR plans is another way to follow up.

New security bridges to improve protection rating:

  • Get familiar with the GDPR requirements and how they affect your company.
  • Review how you process and store data.
  • Consider how you can leverage Flashchat to help with your GDPR compliance.
  • Chat with your lawyer about what your company needs to do to.

As well we are creating lot’s of new features, to be on the edge of the security protocols. One of them is User Data downloading – with the help of the chatbot Admin you can download any personal data information used in to lead-generation, in case you will be in need of that. Another feature, is user data deleting:  

  • Deleted data can include Facebook profile information, any custom fields, tags, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • A new feature will be available soon to help you manually administrate your subscribers’ data..

Sharing with the 3rd party members is another key feature Flashchat have. In case of that you will be fully responsible for the deleting all the information shared, as well as notify the subscriber you did that action.

  • Data from unsubscribed users
  • The law stipulates new best-practices for data retention. To help your business maintain GDPR compliance,  Flashchat will start automatically removing personal data from subscriber profiles 90 days after they unsubscribe from your service.
  • After 90 days, the personal data associated with somebody who unsubscribed will no longer be available via Flashchat to you, or to 3rd party applications.