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Benefits of Roulette HD from Globotech

By flashchat34 0 Comment April 4, 2021

Recently, many developers began to create online gambling games in the popular HD format. For example, a well-known company GloboTech has released a game called Roulette HD. The abbreviation HD is “high definition. Despite the fact that it is used in different spheres to refer to very different concepts, most users perceive this designation as a symbol of high quality images. You can try to find this roulette in the gaming club flash casino

Description of high definition roulette

Roulette HD is a European roulette with a track for additional verbal bets and traditional game rules. This variation of the game accepts all regular bets, which can be conditionally divided into two groups: internal (on 1-6 numbers) and external (on dozens, columns, colors, even and odd numbers and large and smaller numbers).

It is also possible to place a verbal bet on a special track. This type of betting is traditionally called oral, because in land-based casinos, they are placed by a croupier who takes orders from gamblers. But in Roulette HD gamblers must independently place chips on the track. Such bets are taken on five adjacent numbers, going one after another on the roulette wheel and sector.

The payout odds for bets that can be made in the Roulette HD game are standard. As for the limits for each of the bets, users can read this information on the official website of the virtual gambling establishment in which they play. It is also worth noting that this kind of roulette is not possible to play a free bonus round. Also not provided for the drawing of the progressive jackpot.

Interface of Roulette HD

One of the main advantages of Roulette HD is its simple and user friendly interface. In the upper left corner is a screen that shows how the wheel rotates. Thanks to the realistic and very clear image, gamers can not only enjoy the game of chance and also imagine as if they were at a real gaming table in a prestigious casino. Under the image of the roulette wheel is the layout of the gaming table for regular bets. Oral bets can be placed on the track located slightly to the right.

Just above the track you can see a window with game statistics, where information is available about how often outside bets and zeros have won in the past session, as well as which numbers are “cold” and “hot”. All of the numbers that have recently rolled are listed above the roulette screen. Right on the control panel are chips of various denominations for placing bets.

For the comfort of players Roulette HD window unfolds to the full screen. If you are distracted by the animation can be simply turned off. It is also worth noting that the roulette wheel runs in flash mode directly on the casino site. This is very convenient for those gamblers who do not want to download the game and install it on their computer.

What conclusions can we make?

Roulette HD from the company GloboTech is no different novelty and originality. The only difference between this game is that the wheel is shown not on the side, but on top. Otherwise, this is the usual European online roulette with the traditional rules of the game and an additional track for making verbal bets. The main advantages of HD Roulette are: high-quality and realistic graphics, user-friendly interface, detailed game statistics. Also the pluses are the presence of three gaming tables with a wide range of bets. You can look for this roulette in jackpotcity canada and in other casinos.