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Features of hosting with a test period: what and why we should check

By flashchat34 0 Comment August 30, 2019

Almost every hosting has a trial period. The client needs him to check the provider and make sure that he has made the right choice. Users choose VPS hosting with a test period to test their choice. As a rule, in a limited period of time, which usually lasts from a week to a month, hosting provides almost the same services as with paid use. But this is not always the case, and different hosting providers can set different conditions for this service. For example, it may last only a few days or not provide the full functionality of the server. Since during this time the user needs to study hosting work as well as possible, you should pay special attention to the points described below.

Connection stability

First of all, it is worth checking how well the server provided to you for the test period is connected to the information transfer channels. It is very important that the traffic exchange point to which the server is connected has good characteristics. Upon request, the hosting provider can provide such information.

Page Download Speed

First of all, this parameter is important for your customers. If the page that the user opens is loading too slowly, this can cause him to have a negative opinion about the site. According to statistics, a sufficiently large number of users leave the site if its pages load too slowly. Therefore, the hosting should guarantee your resource fast loading pages.

Server stability

If your site has a commercial focus and high bandwidth, then even a few hours of downtime can lead to loss of profits and customers. The project must have access to the network around the clock so that users can access it. The indicator of continuous and stable operation is called Uptime. Of course, it cannot be one hundred percent, since at the moment this is not feasible due to the need for preventive maintenance of the server. Uptime over 98% is considered good. Checking this option is already more difficult than the previous one. You will need statistics for several months, or better, for several years. You can get it on the hosting site in the informer of the external control service, in a different situation you just have to believe the words of the provider.

Technical support

Even if the hosting provides the best technical specifications, the location of the site on it will not be a good idea if there is no technical support. To assess the quality of technical support, you need to pay attention to 3 main criteria:

  • speed of work;
  • availability;
  • quality.

During the initial period of hosting a site, the owner has the most questions. It is at this stage that the professionalism of the support service and its attitude to the client are revealed. Professional support is available at https://justvps.com/.

Regarding the availability of support services, it should have two levels:

  1. Answers to difficult questions by mail. It is very good when the hosting site has a special form for contacting support. This greatly saves time on the use of third-party email clients, especially if you often make requests to this service. If you are waiting for an answer to each question for several days, such a support service is unlikely to suit you. A good result is considered an answer within a few hours.
  2. Communication. If your problem requires a quick, urgent solution, waiting for a message in the mail for even 1 day will be too long for you. In this case, a telephone conversation is good, but it may not leave marks if the conversations are not recorded, and this leads to irresponsibility. Therefore, hosting often use an online consultant to communicate between users and technical support. This option combines both responsiveness and conversation fixation.