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How safe is it to use liking services on Instagram

By flashchat34 0 Comment July 1, 2019

It used to be like this – if you have many likes, it means that you publish high-quality content and, accordingly, use authority among the masses.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter how “thumbs up” are gained – by honest labor or by one of the following deceptive schemes:

  • Creating fakes, i.e. unreal pages. All you need is a SIM card (to receive a code that is entered to confirm the reality of the account) and 5 minutes. Further, there is nothing supernatural: log in to each of the additional pages and leave hearts under the photos on the main page. And yes, do not forget to subscribe to yourself.
  • Connect bots. There are special applications that make fakes, taking content from photo banks and other open sources. Unlike the option described in point 1, you do not need to buy SIM cards to connect bots, which is not so easy now.
  • Cross likes (or differently – follow for follow). It’s simple: negotiate with several people and mutually place hearts under the photos and subscribe.

These schemes were effective, but most of them are not really useful now. The search robot has wised up and no longer believes that a large number of “thumbs up” and visitors indicates that the account is relevant. It began to be based on the involvement of the target and most importantly live audience – the number of comments. And the reviews should not be a formal reply in the style of “Cool”, “How beautiful”, “Well done”, etc., but really describe the attitude to what is shown in the photo or publication.

Is it possible to safely like likes and followers on Instagram?

As you have already understood, you can’t safely twist “thumbs up” and visitors to Instagram and you should use only proven services and honest ways of promotion – filling an account, placing links to pages in other social networks and development plan. In addition, instead of cheating likes and subscribers, you can use the services of famous bloggers to buy ads from them. As practice shows, people listen to the opinions of their idols.

What can turn wrapping likes and followers in Instagram?

New rules began to act relatively recently, so there are those who do not give up the idea to buy hearts for photos and fakes. They do not know that cheating “thumbs up” and visitors to Instagram can turn into:

  • Ban. Fakes are blocked very quickly. The whole team is working on the search for “dead souls”, which is constantly being improved in its business, adopting the most advanced tools.
  • The deterioration of trust from real people. No one will be good to the one who cheats, and does not work on the conscience.
  • Mass unsubscribe. The fake base will be blown away immediately after being detected.

Algorithm for a painless increase in the number of likes and followers on Instagram

Let’s talk about the algorithm for a painless increase in the number of “likes” and Instagram visitors. Everything is legal and there will be no sanctions for your account. The first way to become more popular is to fill out an account. Tell us about yourself in a few words, about what you do and what you may be interested in. As a result, subscribers will gradually come, and with them, like. And for them you do not pay a penny, because:

  • People think the same or almost the same as you;
  • People love photography.

At first glance it may seem that the lack of personal information on the page is not such a serious problem, and there is no need to solve it. But it is not. Do not be lazy, spend half an hour and in a few days you will see the first subscribers. Actually you still can use some services like this one but you to be careful with that cause Instagram has some really strict policy.