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Installation of electricity in an apartment

By flashchat34 0 Comment May 5, 2020

The loads on old electrical wires have increased several times. This is due to the fact that in almost every apartment there are a lot of household appliances. Old wiring can not always withstand this load. Wiring an electrician in an apartment requires some knowledge of circuit design, as well as compliance with a number of rules. Therefore, in order to perform this operation yourself, you will need to familiarize yourself with all its nuances.

Electrical wiring rules in the apartment

Any construction measure shall be regulated by the relevant documentation approved by the rules. This also applies to the huge variety of materials used in one case or another. All recommendations must be thoroughly examined before working with the electricity network. Special attention should be paid to the paragraph describing the installation and selection of electrical equipment. Let’s consider the basic rules for electrical installation in the apartment.

All important elements of electrical equipment should be visible. They should be quickly and easily accessible. At installation of switches it is recommended to consider height of their placing (from a floor). The position of the switches should be selected so that open doors do not cause any inconvenience in their use. The wiring to the switches shall be led from top to bottom. The sockets must be located at points that are far enough away from the gas stoves. The same distance should be to radiators, pipes and other items equipped with earthing. The electrical wiring to the sockets must be connected from bottom to top. These rules must always be taken into account when drawing up the electrical plan.

However, this method is not suitable for determining the number of sockets in your kitchen. The number of sockets in a given room is assigned individually and depends on the number of electrical appliances. As far as the toilet is concerned, the number of sockets in the toilet is prohibited. It is permitted to install these products in the bathroom, but they require an individual transformer.

When laying wires in an apartment, you need to know that this operation can be done in a hidden or open way. In the first case, the cable is placed in the strobe inside the wall and in the second case it is placed outside. The laying itself is done strictly vertically or horizontally and its place must be fixed in the general plan.

Installation of an electrician in an apartment: stages of work

With a clear plan, the installation of electrical wiring in a residential area can be done not only faster, but also cheaper. This activity includes 5 main steps:

  1. Elaboration of the electrical wiring diagram in the apartment.
  2. Preparation of the electrical wiring plan and its approval and registration.
  3. Arrangement of repair time.
  4. Installation of electrical wiring.
  5. Installation of automatic machines, sockets, switches and necessary household appliances.

Before starting the installation activities, it is necessary to take care of protective earthing. Direct wiring of the electrician around the house is done at the last stage, when all necessary mechanisms are installed. Savings are made in this case. For example, some installation activities can be performed by yourself. Specialists do not recommend saving money on equipment or electrical appliances. All necessary mechanisms should be of the highest quality, as cheap products can fail in a short period of time.
If you want to install an electrician without any problems and mistakes, then use the residential electrical services.