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Use hashtag tracking for simple and intelligent analytics

By flashchat34 0 Comment July 20, 2019

Using a SocialWall is a good idea but what if I want to study my community on a long term, when there is no event?  That’s a very legitimate question but we’ve got the answer as always: the hashtag tracking!

What is hashtag tracking?

The hashtag tracking or hashtag counter is quite simple. We track one or several hashtags you have set and start gathering data about. We provide you with a simple and complete dashboard presenting analytics and insights about the hashtag we tracked from social media (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook). These analytics deal with visits, posts and users to give you a comprehensive overview of your social media impact. Different data about different social networks put together in one single place!

Tracking a hashtag is a matter of time, it is a long term initiative enabling to evaluate a special operation on several weeks.

Could you be more specific?

Let’s take the example of a communication agency. You are planning a digital campaign for one of your client, let’s say Alpa. Your mission is to engage Alpa’s community using a contest on social networks. Every day between 4 and 6pm, Internet users can post their favorite movie followed by the hashtag #ThanksAlpa to be eligible for winning prizes.

Hashtag tracking will be an asset to check the impact of your campaign to make a report for your client. All along your campaign, we analyze the users of #ThanksAlpa behavior: total traffic, unique traffic, top influencers, peak of activity, posts per social network, etc. Information from all social networks are in just one place, your SocialWall dashboard.

It is then easier to obtain insights for your clients to set a campaign report. No need to manually export results, social network by social network, compile it, analyze it… we have already done the job!