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How to get more sales referrals from your current customers

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 13, 2019

Want more, higher quality customers with a lot less effort than it takes to do cold outbound sales or inbound marketing? Use this simple referral sales system to grow your business starting today.

8 steps to prioritizing your marketing and sales efforts

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 12, 2019

The answer is “a bite at a time.” In the small business world, elephants are everywhere. Common examples of these metaphorically-edible obstacles might include bookkeeping, hiring, and… well, pretty much everything. What can I say, being a small business owner is tough.

Here Are 5 Ways To Onboard Sales Faster (And Tie Onboarding To Revenue)

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 11, 2019

Onboarding is broken. The average ramp time for a new rep is 4.5 months, while the average tenure is a year and a half. That means that 25% of a sales rep’s total time at a company is spent getting up to speed.

How To Use Influencer Marketing To Boost Awareness and Sales

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 10, 2019

Influencer marketing is becoming an integral part of many digital marketing campaigns. Think of it as a new way to do word of mouth marketing. You find the right influencers to create content on your social media sites, then people share it, like it and engage with it in the comments. 


By flashchat34 0 Comment October 9, 2019

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving world. It can be difficult to maintain a good digital presence. Knowing how to leverage digital properties correctly is key to business success.

Sales & Marketing Strategy: The What, Why, and How of a Successful One

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 8, 2019

Without a strategy, all your Marketing and Sales activities and tactics might be for nothing. After all, if they don’t all work in concert to drive pipeline and customer acquisition, what’s the point? Savvy companies realize that a Sales and Marketing strategy is the next most important one after the overall business plan.

Mobile applications for swingers as a way to find partners in the 21st century

By flashchat34 0 Comment October 7, 2019

Swing can add zest or even a little peppercorn to family relationships – a popular sexual attraction for modern couples who trust each other and love experiments in bed. For many couples, sex at some point becomes boring and mundane, so the couple begin to look for ways to diversify it. Watching porn, intimate toys, […]

Features of hosting with a test period: what and why we should check

By flashchat34 0 Comment August 30, 2019

Almost every hosting has a trial period. The client needs him to check the provider and make sure that he has made the right choice. Users choose VPS hosting with a test period to test their choice. As a rule, in a limited period of time, which usually lasts from a week to a month, […]

What is Science-Based Selling?

By flashchat34 0 Comment August 6, 2019

What enables one salesperson to outsell another? Why does one sales process produce superior results, while others do not? The good news is there’s a clear, science-based answer to these questions.

How Important Is Your Brand To A Customer

By flashchat34 0 Comment August 2, 2019

Branding is a key component in determining your success in sales and marketing.